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Where to download OpenGeode code

This page provides information on where to download the OpenGeode code.

Download pre-compiled binaries

We provide pre-compiled binaries for OpenGeode, which are automatically generated for each OpenGeode release. You can download them from this link :

  • OpenGeode-X.Y.Z-rhel.tar.gz corresponds to the package generated on CentOS 7 for OpenGeode X.Y.Z. release.
  • OpenGeode-X.Y.Z-ubuntu.tar.gz corresponds to the package generated on Ubuntu 18.04 for OpenGeode X.Y.Z. release.
  • corresponds to the package generated on Windows Visual Studio 15 2017 for OpenGeode X.Y.Z. release.

Select the one that matches your platform and requirements. You can use these pre-compiled binaries for your own projects.

Download source code

On the release page, you can also download source code archives. Extract the archive and then compile the source code. You can find instructions on how to compile the source code here.

Geode-solutions' documentation website